Finger Food

& Tapas

Onion Rings 6,90€

Oignons breaded, Tartar sauce

Mozzarella Sticks 6,90€

Breaded Mozzarella sticks, BBQ sauce

Crispy Chicken 6,90€

Crispy chicken, sweet chili sauce

Zucchini Fritter 6,90€

Zucchini fritter, Tomato ketchup sauce


Mc Cain Cheese Pickers 6,90€

Breaded & melted Camembert cheese,

Béarnaise sauce

Squid a la Romaine 6,90€

Squid fritter a la romaine,
fish sauce

Dry sausage plate 6,90€

Dry sausage plate of AVEYRON


Plate of French fries 4,50€


Our plates

Assorted regional

charcuterie & Cheeses

Medium 10,90€ Large 18,90€

Cheesy Platter

Medium 13,50€ Large 22,90€

Mozzarella sticks, Mc Cain cheese
pickers, French fries
Béarnaise sauce & BBQ sauce



Fishy Platter

Medium 14,90€ Large 21,90€

Onion rings, squid a la romaine,
French fries, curry sauce

& fish sauce


Assorted Finger Food

Medium 16,90€ Large 25,90€

Onion rings, zucchini fritter,
crispy chicken, mozzarella sticks
Mc Cain cheese pickers, French fries
tartar sauce, curry sauce

& BBQ  sauce


Assorted Cheeses

Medium 9,50€ Large 16€

Cantal, Saint Nectaire et camembert