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Finger Food & Tapas

Onion Rings 8,90€

Oignons breaded, Tartar sauce

Mozzarella Sticks 8,90€

Breaded Mozzarella sticks, BBQ sauce

Crispy Chicken 8,90€

Crispy chicken, sweet chili sauce

Zucchini Fritter 8,90€

Zucchini fritter, Tomato ketchup sauce


Mc Cain Cheese Pickers 8,90€

Breaded & melted Camembert cheese,

Béarnaise sauce

Squid a la Romaine 8,90€

Squid fritter a la romaine,
fish sauce

Dry sausage plate 7,90€

Dry sausage plate of AVEYRON


Plate of French fries 5,50€


Our plates

Board of Meats

& Cheeses 19€

Assortment of charcuterie,

from French cuntry Aveyron

and 2 selected cheeses

French charcuterie board 17€

Assortment of charcuterie,

from French cuntry Aveyron


Plate of 4 cheeses 17€

4 selected cheeses

Plate of dry sausage 8,90€

Dry sausage from Aveyron

Large plate of fries 5,90€

homemade French fries,

with Homemade mayonnaise


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